"Harvest Moon Craft Kitchen is a neighborhood friendly scratch kitchen, who believes in quality, clean, and thoughtfully prepared food with competent hospitable service"


Our Mission: The owners bought Harvest Moon Coffee House in 2010. In 2010 they immediately changed to Harvest Moon Café. After transforming the menu’s and the renovations of the interior, in 2013, they have evolved Harvest Moon into what it is today, Harvest Moon Craft Kitchen. We consider ourselves a scratch kitchen, because we craft the majority of our menu in house.  It is important for us to use locally sourced products, such as some of our local partners; Orlando’s Bakery, Honey Run Farms, Rost Coffee, etc. Our regional partner is Northstar Bison. This company is where we get our Bison. We picked this company based on the humane way they treat their animals and the quality of their product. Our beer taps are only Ohio based breweries and we support local distilleries as well. While using local resources is important to us, it is not always possible. To counter act that, we create the majority of our dishes from scratch. Nothing comes from a bag or is already pre-made. We believe taking raw product and creating memorable menu items with flavor that won’t quit! Too us, this is not a trend, but who we are!  To complement our “scratch” kitchen practices, we also believe in a serving staff that is competent, hospitable, customer oriented, efficient, respectful, team player, and dependable. 


Our Values

Respect: Whether it be a customer or employee we believe in having respect for one another. We want their experience and wellbeing to be our highest priority.

Dependable Hospitality: We believe that the customer is always first. Whatever the customer needs, we will do to our best to meet that need, or, to find a comparable solution. We believe that the answer is always “yes”, within reason. The customers experience is the upmost importance.

Agriculturally Responsible: We consciously pick products that are clean, local as possible, and humanely taken care of. The quality of our food products is one of the pillars that holds the foundation for Harvest Moon Craft Kitchen. We believe in providing a product that is freshly maintained, did not have to travel far to our kitchen, and lived a happy healthy life.

Team Driven: Harvest Moon Craft Kitchen has evolved with the help of its loyal team members. All individual roles contribute to the additives that come together for the greater good. We succeed together and we fail together. It is our duty to encourage each other’s strengths and empower each other’s growth. In doing so, the business grows, as well as, the employee.  Harvest Moon Craft Kitchen prides itself on “growth from within” by promoting team members who display excellence and a willingness to lead by example. 

Authenticity:  Harvest Moon Craft Kitchen gives the opportunity for employee creativity.  Whether its menu items or processes and procedures, if an employee has input or ideas, we listen!  By fostering creativity, this allows us to have an authentic perception that gives our customers something new and unique




(614) 834-8100



7 North High Street
Canal Winchester, OH 43110



M-Th 7:30am–9pm
F-Sa 7:30am-10pm
Su closed

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